Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education Policies

Credit: The fees are set to offset the cost of staff, supplies, building cost, etc. Therefore, we do not provide any credit or trading of days for absences, illness, vacation or inclement weather/emergency closures.

Late Pick-Up: After 6pm, $1.00 per minute will be payable to the teacher who has volunteered to stay with your child.

Registration Fee: Registration fee is paid annually and is non-refundable. Discounts apply to EFT clients at the time of annual registration.

Rate Increases: Rates are due to increase in January, however we reserve the right to increase them at any time.

Inclement Weather/Earthquake/Emergency Closures: Please refer to your individual school and Parent Handbook.

Late Payments: If payment is 5 days past the due date a late fee of $30.00 will be assessed. If two late charges are assessed within the school year by VHFLC you may be put in the RISK POOL and a VHFLC representative will contact you for payment options.

Handbook: The VHFLC Parent Handbook is available at your preschool site.

DHS: DHS provider listing or other voucher forms must accompany registration materials or payment and is the responsibility of the parent. The parent must pay the registration fee at the time of registration. Parent is responsible for any Co-Pays and any amount DHS does not pay.

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