St. Andrews

At St. Andrews, we are so proud to offer children a well-rounded and excellent early childhood education.  Our long term and experienced early childhood educators have been with us more than a decade providing enrichment to the lives of preschool children from infants through pre-k.  Additionally, we provide school age children from Bridlemile, Rieke & Hayhurst a fun environment in our after-care rooms.  All of our children thrive in our spacious rooms, large, wooded playground and our full-size gym.  The teachers create a day full of play-based learning opportunities that are creative and open-ended, providing a developmentally appropriate curriculum that is just right for each age. We offer organic and vegan snacks.

VHFLC @ St. Andrew’s 


Dan [email protected]

Assistant Director: 

Laura [email protected]


3228 SW Sunset Blvd
Portland, OR 97239

2024/2025 Rates:

ClassroomSchedule 5 Days3 Days2 Days
PreschoolFull Day$1415$1415$735
PreschoolHalf Day$795$575$435
2 1/2 Year OldFull Day$1523$1110$825
2 1/2 Year Old Half Day$870$650$490
Infant or Toddler Full Day$1730$1260$940
Infant or Toddler Half Day$970$715$545